Basket ball: Andrew Bogut Against College Double Standards

Editorials News | Sep-01-2018

Basket ball: Andrew Bogut Against College Double Standards

It is no secret that college sports are a big money churner. According to the data collected from USA Today, the Oregon athletics department generated $196 million in revenue. There are approximately 20 schools across US that make at least $100 million in sports. According to the data from the Department of Education it has been reported that Football and men's basketball, these two sports generate the most revenue.

The NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament makes a huge lot of Money. Given the fact that NCAA is a nonprofit organization but it looks like the only thing it does is makes money.

However, there is a flip side to all these money business. 19 year old Brian Bowen was sucked into the middle of a controversy after the FBI investigated into college basketball corruption at the University of Louisville. The young player’s parents were accused of accepting payments and committing to the school. Though Brian was cleared of any involvement but it cost him his game as he won’t be able to play for the Gamecocks until the 2019 season. However, good news is the Sydney Kings have signed Brian Bowen for NBL's Next Stars Program.

NBL star Andrew Bogut has come out strongly in support of the young player. The veteran player said that though the schools earn a huge amount of revenue but due to the rule that NCAA has set the schools are not allowed to pay the athletes any money or shower them with gifts, but there are schools that do it. According to Bogut schools should pay these sports persons a decent sum of the revenue they generate so that these students can enjoy the fruits of their labor.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena