Educational Apps for Children

There definitely are a handful of apps, which in true terms are Brain Food Apps and not Junk Food Apps. Researchers have revealed that young children learn best when they are fully engaged and involved with a sense of control. Thus, open ended games can work the best for them. They can explore and create their own pace in such games and apps. Yet, most of the apps developed have a different approach and are not open ended.

Apparently, only 2% of apps in the i-tune store allow for open ended discovery and exploration, some of the best are:

1.Flow Free- With more than 1000 free levels, this puzzle game gets thrilling and challenging with each next level.

    Skills- Improves spatial reasoning and intuition

    Available on- Android, iPhone, Kindle

2.Spell Tower- It is a word game that goes beyond a scrabble or boggle. With 5 different levels, it is a good option for a wide range of children.

   Skills- Improves vocabulary and spellings

   Available on- iPhone, iPad, Android

3.Drawing Pad- A great way of letting your child create and express them through art.

   Skills- Creative thinking, focus, ability to empathize

   Available on- iPad, Android, Kindle

4.Monster Physics- The best in its segment, this game is based on basic physics concepts. The given task needs to be completed with trial and error method.

   Skills- Patience, Clearing basic physics concepts like speed, mass, velocity, density.

   Available on- iPhone, iPad

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