Govt. School in Northeast Delhi Faces Staff Crisis

Editorials News | Jul-14-2016

Govt. School in Northeast Delhi Faces Staff Crisis
A government school in Sunder Nagri, Northeast Delhi implemented the rationing scheme due to limited available staff. From having two shifts in a day, they changed it to alternate teaching days for girls and boys. Till last academic year, the school was co-educational. This year the govt. ordered the school to run in double shifts, as of their initiative to enrol more students. The order came three months back but the teachers refused to teach the evening shift without any formal order. As a result, the school started the alternate day policy. “After the bifurcation, the transfers were not cleared because of which the problem happened and we had to find an alternative system,” said Suresh Chand Shakya, Vice-principal of the school. He added that even after the transfer order, the school was short of 60 teachers. Currently there are over 4000 students studying in this school, who are getting affected because of the whole situation. “From Thursday, the school will run smoothly in double shift. The principal was not able to manage, so the step was taken,” said ML Kaushik, Deputy Director of zone 6.

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