History of meditation

History of meditation

When we practise meditation, we find our conscious in alignment with our soul. Meditation has been practising for many ages. Someone who wants to connect with their soul and forget reality meditation is the best option for them. During meditation, a person experiences immense silence in his body and mind at rest. With the help of modern gadgets and room decor, millions of individuals are choosing this form of practice in their lifestyle.
Meditation is a residence of India since centuries ago meditation was in practice by our ancestors. From the Indian subcontinent, there is evidence of wall arts where it is displayed that the ancestral bodies are witnesses to meditate in half close ice for the practice of meditation. These shreds of evidence are residing approximately 5000 BC old. In India, meditation is a spiritual practice to connect with almighty and feel a strong connection with our surroundings. This connection is often called a law of attraction by science. Hinduism holds a vibrant history of meditation presented in the Vedas and Upnishads to guide people to practice meditation.
Later by, during 6th century Buddhism came into existence. The 6th - century was the period, where new forms of meditation got introduced by monks, followers of Buddhism for a spiritual connection. Toaist China was the region of development where meditation practice took place. As the meditation practices work spreading in China rapidly, Vimala Kriti Sutra came up. It included many numbers of passages where the practice of meditation elaborated to connect for wisdom and great enlightenment.
In Israelite antiquity, there are shreds of evidence where Judaism also included practices of meditation in its traditions. It means that meditation should be a priority of individuals to opt for building a strong connection with themselves. In the 7th century, during the time of Japanese Buddhism, the culture of meditation was spreading. As more and more people were connecting with this practice, meditation was not just a practice it included alignment of chakras for gaining concentration power and focus.
At the time of middle ages, the Jewish practice of meditating for an ace connection with almighty immersed. By doing meditation prayers, 'mitzvot' also practised. Sufism, eastern Christians and western Christians practised meditation got introduced. Prayers recited to Lord Jesus with reading the Bible's text.
At the time of the modern Western world, countries took over the practices of meditation by introducing traditions, cultures and rituals. It happened to promote meditational practises in the global world. Presently it is believed that the practice of meditation for all over enlightenment is essential for the human being. Meditation not just provide relaxation, it gives a sense of relief from the responsibilities of reality. Clinical psychologists also have acknowledged that the practice of meditation helps to reduce stress full aggressive behaviour and mental disorders.
By the gift of ancestors to the world, meditation has proved to be a practice of a great spiritual connect with the earth elements and human psychology.

By Kanika Vij

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