Let’s Increase the Green Landscape

Green Landscaping is a sustainable method of designing and maintaining your landscape. This does not only including eco-friendly design but at the same time is pollution-free and saves time, money, and energy.

In this hard and fast life, human has forgotten its duties towards nature. In the race of progress, we have forgotten how much we have damaged nature. People often come with creative ideas in order to meet the growing demands and also take care of nature. As the name suggests, Green Landscaping involves the use of plants on a very large scale. Plants play a major role in green landscaping. Recycled bricks, stones, glass, concrete pieces, and other materials are used for the support. Having plants around your home has infinite benefits. They not only make the air around you pure but at the same time, they are very good for your mental health. They are a source of positive energy and help you stay focused. They absorb all the unwanted noise to a great extent and give you a positive and energetic vibe. They make you more productive as you have to meet their demands as well. And last but not the least, as the name suggests, they give you a beautiful landscape. They create a scenic spot in your home itself!
Green landscaping also uses organic farming. Organic farming is a way of farming wherein you don't use any chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers. Green Landscaping doesn't require much attention and maintenance after the setup. Thus they are very easy to deal with. What a bonus! Talking about irrigation, you don't have to spend much on sprinklers. Just keep watering them on a regular basis and your work is done. You can even grow healthy herbs in your own backyard or garden. This not only serves the purpose of green landscaping but also helps you get a healthy lifestyle. Having more green areas in an urban city is not more than a boon in this era. This also contributes to a decrease in the level of carbon dioxide and thus reduce the temperature of Earth- Global Warming. Green Landscaping can spread across a small piece of land to a huge landmass. As the plants cover the land, they not only help in improving the underground water table but at the same time also helps in preventing soil erosion. If endangered plant species are also planted in green landscaping then we will be able to prevent these species from getting extinct. If green landscaping is done on a large scale, then we will be able to increase the rate of humidity and thus aid the rainfall cycle. In this era of fashion, inculcating nature in your home is in great demand, and in trend, Green landscaping in your balcony or backyard is a great way. It is a great blend of beauty and effort. Having a green landscape is a far better option than to have a garden. In order to maintain a garden, you need to invest a lot of time, money, efforts, and resource.
Green Landscaping is a great way of conserving nature and resources. Look deep into nature and you understand everything better! - Albert Einstein

By: Anvi Tyagi

School: Delhi World Public School

Class: 8th

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