The Comeback of Urban Farming in India

Farming is the necessity that can not be avoided in any circumstances. Most of the time we depend on rural farming and urban farming is done only out of hobby or in acute necessity.

But it takes a back seat when our need is fulfilled. For an example so many Americans planted "victory gardens" in their backyards so that they could contribute in food supply during World War II. But they were withdrawn once the War was over. With time urban farming is getting a comeback.  In a country like India where there is acute poverty, urban farming can be a good option. It will minimize the burden on the rural farming to feed a huge population. Indian Government is also motivating people to grow crops in vacant plots, loans or on even or rooftops. It can be a good option to provide benefits, from maintaining local communities to encouraging healthier diets. Urban Farming can provide affordable, healthy food at least to some families. So what if it is unable to feed entire cities. There are possible social benefits of urban farming. Although, it has some environmental drawbacks like increasing soil degradation to disturbing the nitrogen cycle to all the fossil fuels used for the heavy machinery. But still it has numerous benefits. It bridges the gap between neighborhood communities. Those who participate in a community garden learn what it takes to grow different crops and appreciate the difficulties that come across. So, we can conclude that we must try our hand with urban farming.

By: Anita Aishvarya




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