10 Nutrition Tips for Teenagers

General News | Nov-17-2020

10 Nutrition Tips for Teenagers

When a person undergoes his or her life between 13- 19 years he or she is a teen and is undergoing teenage. This period of life is considered to be quite tough because of puberty and continuous hormonal changes are caused which lead to mood swings, stress, anxiety, peer pressure, academic stress and a lot more.

So, let us know some nutritional tips for us (teenagers) to undergo this face of life happily, joyfully and in an enjoyable way!

Yoga: Stress is one of the main problems among everyone, also in teens. Yoga is its solution as it relaxes our muscles and joints. Yoga asana like Uttanasana (Standing forward bend), Sukhasana (Easy Pose), Marjaryasana (cat pose) and others.

Meditation: Yoga can relax our muscles and joints, but what about our mind? The answer is meditation! Meditating for just 10 minutes (5 minutes before going to bed at night and 5 minutes before getting up from bed in the morning) can be very beneficial for our mind, skin and our overall persona.

Diet: Teens have several responsibilities like helping younger siblings, getting good grades, being active in extracurricular activities and more. They are full of energy to do these things because of the food they eat, but a properly balanced diet is essential. Their diet should include fruits and veggies, protein, calcium, iron and vitamins like vitamin A, C, D.

 Sugars: Decreasing sugar intake is the way to get rid of many health problems. Instead of choosing sugary sweets and drinks, one should choose healthy stuff and drinks.

 Uniqueness: Comparing others with us is the worst thing which we all do. For our mental wellbeing, we should understand that we all are unique with different qualities and interests.

 Peer pressure: The complete world is not good. Sometimes even when we think that a person is doing the right thing, still he can be wrong and can misguide you. If everyone is doing one thing it doesn’t mean that that thing is good for you too. We should not come under someone’s pressure instead we should think with our own brains and do things which we want.

Academics: Academics and good grades are not only on our report card. They also help us in shaping our overall personality and the values taught by them also help us in life. But instead of taking the stress and making excuses one should work hard and give our best. Dry fruits like almonds and walnuts can help in making our brains run faster.

 Nature: Just sitting in a room can make one depressive. A small walk in a park or garden can be the easiest solution to enjoy and feel fresh.

Physical activity: Physical activity is not only done to lose weight but also to stay fit and healthy. Just one hour of physical activity, whether it is going to the gym, dancing, playing any sport or even walking, is crucial.

 Advice: Taking advice from friends won’t be of much help as they too are around your age and are experiencing the same things. It is always better to go to your parents or elder siblings as they are more experienced than your peers and will always give you the right advice.

So, at last; Don’t stress, do your best and forget the rest!

 Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School, Greater Noida