5 Best Sports to Play with Grandparents

General News | Dec-13-2020

5 Best Sports to Play with Grandparents

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic situation, we all stayed at home with our families and didn’t go out in order to follow social distancing to prevent virus transmission. During this very long period of almost a year, we spent time with our families and also with ourselves, our personalities etc. We came to know about ourselves, our likes and dislikes. We also worked on having command on our likes that is practising to be good at it. Many of our grandparents also came along to stay with us to stay safe and also to become friends with online payment, online shopping, and other online things which gained popularity because of COVID 19. So, let’s know about some best sports to play with grandparents, mainly to spend time with them and to develop a bond with them.

Table tennis: Many people don’t know that table tennis is a sport, they think that it is a game but that’s not true. It is an Olympic sport since 1988. One can easily enjoy it with grandparents. It just needs table tennis rackets, a table with its net, and a ball.

Football: One of the most loved sport, it can be played with grandparents to remind them of their childhood and also to have fun with them. It just needs a football, a ground with some goalposts.

Golf: Not an easy sport but a sport which requires mental health this sport can be played with grandparents who are not very physically fit or have body aches.

Cycling: A sport which involves the whole body including legs, this can be a great way to show your grandparents the areas around and it can also be a great exercise for them.

Hockey: India’s national sport, this sport is a great way to socialize as it needs a proper team. One can get a friend circle if he or she is associated with this sport.

So, let’s take care of our grandparents and develop a bond with them.

 Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School, Greater Noida