5 Simple Ways to Spread Happiness

General News | Dec-04-2020

5 Simple Ways to Spread Happiness
Spreading happiness is one of the most important things one can do. Especially during these days. Everyone's life is filled with depression and anxiety and everyone is really busy. So spreading happiness and giving smiles on others face would be so kind and generous of you.

There are so many ways of spreading happiness such as:
1) Making a thankyou card for your close ones. You can tell them how grateful you are to have them in your lives. Thank them for everything, tell them their worth.
2) Start talking politely to everyone, do not get irritated, try listening to their problems rather than comparing or telling them their problems are nothing in front of your problems. Understand that this is not a competition going on. Try consoling them.

3) Try calling or texting your friends with whom you have lost touch with. It would feel so great when you guys meet and remember your old memories . 

4) Bake a tasty cake for your grandparents and eat it while talking to them and spreading quality of time with them. It will make them really happy! 

5) Acknowledge and appreciate people for who they are rather than judging them for their flaws. Tell them they are unique and beautiful with or without their flaws.

But most importantly you need to be happy to make everyone smile or to spread happiness. Being happy every time is very difficult. But what we can do is try feeling better even in the hardest situations. We can do something that makes us feel good or we can take some guidance and support.
Breaking down and falling apart is totally ok . Rather it is the part of life but healing with happiness and joy is what really matters in life.

Tanushka Sharma
HES School, Karkardooma