5 Things Children Should Do During Their Lockdown Days

General News | May-15-2020

5 Things Children Should Do During Their Lockdown Days

Children are feeling like summer vacations with a little project (online classes) these days. But they should utilize these days instead and should do the upskilling of themselves.

  1. Try to be a master- chef

Go to the kitchen, help out your mum. Help her out to wash the dishes. You can try to cook some basic things which can be cooked without fire. Try to develop interest, who knows that you come out to be the best chef after the lockdown.

  1. Spend time with grandparents

Sit with them, spend some quality time. Listen to the stories they tell you, learn the things and follow their principals. They may tell you those experiences that will help you in your future to become a better person.

  1. Giving water to birds

Yes, during the evening time or whenever you feel a perfect time, keep one bowl of water for the birds on the terrace or your balcony. Since this is the summer time, they must be feeling thirsty. In this way, you will not only satisfy their thirst but also you will gain some blessings of them

  1. Give food to the street dogs and cows

In India, in every street, there is a cow and a dog no doubt. They must be very hungry these days. Try to give them a slice of bread, the last one which most of them don’t like to eat and try to give at least one tortilla to the cow. If you can arrange some other thing then go for it. 

  1. Try to do physical activities 

Since the school is covering all the academics with the help of online classes, you try to cover your other activities like physical fitness. Don’t be a potato couch or lethargic. Search some games in which all the family members could participate and maintain their fitness too. Common outdoor games- cricket, badminton and others. But you can ask your grandparents or parents to play the sports which they used to play like – “Gilli danda” and many others.


 6.Attend the webinars

We are arranging different webinars for your betterment. Stay tuned with us and grasp some good knowledge on different topics. Many webinars covering future life skills, coffee with counselors, well being, creativity during lockdown days.

I hope you will make your lockdown days productive and follow things. 

(If you do something productive, you can also share your video with FairGaze, we will motivate other students too.)


By- Suvarna Gupta