A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

General News | May-29-2020

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

The English proverb 'A Stitch in Time Saves Nine' has a very great meaning. We know that time is money. We can relate this phrase to a hole in a cloth. If this hole does not get a fix on time, it will become larger. A stitch in time will prevent extra efforts and our precious time later. Whenever we get a problem, we should try to solve it immediately until it's too late. Otherwise, it will get worsen and we have to put extra effort and time to mend it.

Many of us have a habit to neglect issues at the initial stages. But later on, it becomes very difficult for us to deal with them. It often leads to stress and panic and things get worsen. A timely effort would have prevented us from the situation to become difficult. So, prevention is always better than cure. We should take immediate action on every problem and issue in our life.

Let us take some examples from real life.

There are some students who do not study for the whole year. They get a huge burden during exam time and become stressed with anxiety and fears. This would not have happened if they have studied regularly and have completed the syllabus on time. Therefore, we should perform our tasks on time regularly and should not invite difficulties for ourselves.

If we feel sick, we should see the doctor immediately. A simple cold or cough can take the place of pneumonia or tuberculosis, if necessary treatment is not taken on time. Therefore we should not ignore small issues, they can become larger and can affect our life badly.

In relationships, sometimes there is a misunderstanding between our loved ones. These misunderstandings should be cleared on time before they increase the differences and affect our relationships. So, a timely effort is always better than the delayed one for a happy and successful life.

We should never leave any task tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. We should do today's work, today. Remember, time and tide wait for none. Every moment is precious. Therefore, one should avoid being lazy and do their prescribed duties on time. We should try to solve the problems on time. Knowing time's value and completing tasks on time is very necessary for a successful and beautiful life.

By: Avni Nagpal

School: S.D. Public School

Class: 11th