Are Social Networks Good For Our Society?

General News | Aug-01-2022

Are Social Networks Good For Our Society?

With the advancement of Technology in this generation, "Social Networks" is becoming a major source that helps us to connect to people around the world. It has provided us with the opportunity to communicate and connect with our relatives and friends anytime and anywhere in the world in just some clicks. Social Networks help people to grow their businesses and interact with people to establish relationships. As our life is becoming more of a struggle simply because we are completely forgetting the huge influences on life by various factors. We are just thinking that human society is everything and so we call it 'Social Networks' or Social Media.

The "Social Network" is a network that makes it believe that only Human Societies are influencing us. But it must be mandatory for a child to spend minimum time in nature because we know that excess of everything is bad which applies to Social Networks also. As humans have begun exploiting the 'Social Networks' by using the media in large numbers, the Social Networks can no longer be considered "Good for our Society". In this age of Social Networks, society is making choices based on others' choices influenced by Social Media. Due to this, society is taking very little room for introspection because Society is constantly doing but not thinking.

Because of the influences of Social Networks, sometimes as a society at large, we feel a little lost. During this generation, our abilities and sources to communicate with people have increased like never before in the History of Humanity. All the technological means and tools that are available nowadays have such a large impact on Society that they are taking the people away from nature to being more 'Socio-Active'. So, influencers are always present in the world but the difference lies in the fact that in "Social Networks", Society is majorly impacted by Human Society only and taking us away in isolation from nature. Therefore, social networks are both good and bad for human societies, it is only in the hands of people how wisely they utilize the "Social Network".

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School