Are You Ready for the Digitized Future?

General News | Feb-07-2021

Are You Ready for the Digitized Future?

Technology is very useful in many ways. Like the simplest one would be connecting people to each other who lives far off, machines which take less time and reduce our labor, machines which have made our lifestyle easy like phones, T.V, fan, etc. 

The use of technology is seen in the past too but not at this level where it becomes the source of living for so many people. We all know what is the reason behind it, that is this pandemic. Even though it was hard to do any work during such a pandemic but technology saved us a lot in every field whether it is in business or education. 

Though this pandemic will end soon we have explored and developed the digital world so much that it will be difficult to go back. The comfort and ease of using technology are like addictions that will take years to change. The comfort of attending zoom meeting at home instead of getting fully ready then take metro or car and reach the destination and then speak, this long process will be liked by some but most people will now prefer online mode as much as possible.

And yes it is harmful to get fully into the digital world and not acknowledge the presence of the real-world, but we have to understand that everything has a good and bad side to it. The only decision we can make in this situation is to choose which side we want. Using anything more will be harmful and the same goes for technology, keep the balance and enjoy it to the fullest!

By: Prachi Sachdev

Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani