Being a best friend to your child

Where mothers remain busy in kitty parties and fathers busy with the offices of their business, what are children to do? After spending five to 6 hours at school, while reception they crave company. Books cannot engage them in the least times. As they exit the house, there are gangsters and drug-traffickers ready and waiting to catch them as their parents have a pile and therefore the children have big pin money available to them. Servants and ‘ayahs’ are as bad a corporation for these young rich. what's needed and is most crucial is that oldsters should be friends with their children. Even while at work they ought to keep contacting their children reception on phone, knowing from them what they did at college, how went their day, what's there within the fridge that they ought to eat; what they were to urge from the daddy or the mother within the evening once they come home. Such intimate and concerning inquiries even on a phone makes the kid feel so good. He thinks that there are his parents caring for him which may be a great satisfaction to the kid. He feels a way of companionship and wishes not to seek it elsewhere.

So becoming your child’s ally yourself always seems like a really good idea. It’s also an excellent thanks to inculcating good habits and helps you to know your child better. Here are a couple of ways, out of the many, through which you'll attempt to be your child’s ally.

  1.  Play with them: There’s no child who doesn't like to play. If your child loves a game that needs another partner, never consider before becoming that partner. it'll not only help him see you during a new light but also bridge any gap in your mutual relationship.
  2. Watch their favorite movies together: Children love their movies. From animation to adventure, depending upon their taste, they need an extended list of their favorite movies. Watch as many as you'll with them. it'll make them think that you simply share their taste in movies and convey you a step closer to every other.
  3.  Take them to their favorite place: Children like to lollygag around too! Ask them where they need to travel on the weekends. allow them to plan a vacation. you'll suggest some options, but always allow them to make a choice. It tells them that you simply value their opinion and preferences.
  4. Involve them in day to day work: tons of things happen during a home a day. Let your child be a neighborhood of it. Ask them how they need to assist you. Take them out for grocery shopping or have them assist you to clean the house. this manner you'll be ready to do something and spend a while together.
  5.  Appreciate their efforts: Children feel specialized when their efforts get appreciated. If you would like to be their ally, keep appreciating them whenever they are doing something good. it'll fill them confidently and that they will continue the great work too.

By Janvi Aggarwal


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