Benefits of Cycling

General News | Oct-28-2020

Benefits of Cycling

Maintaining good health is very important for people of all ages. For this, people choose several sports, exercises or even specific diets. One such sport is cycling. Cycling is a widely used mean for transportation as it does not require any motor or any source of energy in liquid and gaseous form (like petrol or CNG gas). As it is a no motor vehicle, it is safe for the people of all ages to use it including kids. It is also very good for our environment as it does not cause pollution. Cycling is also known as bicycling or biking. It is also considered as a very good exercise. So now, let us have a look at a few benefits of cycling.

It is considered a very good sport for our joints, especially leg joints.
It provides extra strength to our bones.
It is one of the best cardiovascular sport or exercise.
It has an important role in weight loss.
It helps in muscle building.
It is faster and environment-friendly transportation mean for short distances.
It saves money spent on petrol, diesel and CNG.
It improves our brainpower.
It reduces cancer risk, especially breast cancer in women.
It reduces the risk of heart diseases.
It improves metabolism.
It makes our body posture better.
It is considered to be the easiest way to stay fit and healthy.
So now, let’s choose a way to stay fit and let’s practise it daily!

Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School Greater Noida