Benefits of Quilling Art

General News | Sep-22-2020

 Benefits of Quilling Art

Most of you must have heard of Paper Quilling, It is an awesome way to decorate your notebooks, cards, files, etc, and one of my favorites. Paper quilling was a game in which we got designs and strips of paper which we could use for quilling. According to me, it is one of the best ways to decorate cards and files, as it is less messy and it looks quite beautiful. Also, it is not very hard to learn!! You can go to the internet and see a few videos about basic quilling shapes such as raindrop, eye, leaf, spiral, and so many more!!! Quilling is one of my favorite pass times and one thing I love about it is that you can never go wrong!!


You can make a raindrop and turn it so it looks like an eye or maybe a leaf. You can make different kinds of flowers big, small, and colorful with different shapes of leaves a petal and you can make your imagination come to life.

Another major benefit of quilling is that all you need is paper and glue. You can use your notebook pages to and make white scenery and so on. The possibilities are endless!! So in the end I would like to say to does who have never tried quilling to try it, and those of my friends who like quilling like me, only 1 message for you


By: Ruchita 

Class: 9th 

Amity International School Mayur Vihar