Best Wall Paintings in the World

General News | Jul-24-2020

Best Wall Paintings in the World

Any artwork painted or applied directly on the wall, ceiling or any permanent surface is Wall painting. Another name of wall painting is 'MURAL'. The mural is not 10, 20, or 100 years old. Many ancient wall paintings have found on an ancient Egyptian tomb. Wall paintings are not of one or two types, they can be uncountable like. "Community wall painting, commercial wall painting, mural installations, abatement wall painting, temporary wall painting, banners, live-painting, opportunity sites", and so on. The main difference between a painting and a mural is that the painting is basically drawn on a limited size of paper with paint and brush on the other side wall painting can be drawn on unlimited size of the wall and with spray, paints with the use of the hand, brush or anything.

In our world an infinite number of MURALS are present and this uncountable number is increasing day by day. Here are some best of them.

1.Vienna, Austria: A murals artist 'Cyrcle' painted this wall painting. This is located on the side of a parking garage. In this painting, some buildings are falling around the ancient god.

2. Besancon, France: A muralist from Argentina, 'Hyuro' make this wall painting on a wall that fence in a tree, the color of this wall is gray. In this mural, four women are dressed up as sheep dancing and three wolves are watching them. Gray, black, blue, and white is used to complete this painting.

3. Johannesburg, South Africa: A South African muralist 'FAITH47' painted this eye-catching muralist. It's a great and powerful symbol of wildlife and nature. The title of this painting is 'Giant Elephant'. Darker shades of Gray, Blue are used in this painting.

4.Lodz, Poland: Poland is a center of attraction for artists, streets and wall of Poland are full of street arts. Street artist Aryz, created this mural in 2011. The title of this mural is 'Love Letter'. In this mural, a woman is reading slips of papers with a heart drawn on one of them. A beautiful combination of green, blue, and purple colors can look ravishing on the old classic, brown wall.

5. Moscow, Russia: This large scale mural over the span is completed in just three days by Italian artist, Agostino Iacurci, who spends most of the time whether in painting, drawing, or sculpting. Here a woman and a man are painted and their hands are touching maybe they are dancing. This bright red, vibrant green, huge tall painting always gets the attention of streetwalkers, drivers, and passersby.

This list can't stop anywhere because there are unlimited of the heart touching morals that are so incredible and no one can compare any of these two.

By - Aditya Raj Awasthi

Class 6

Pinnacle National School