Cause And Effects Of Poverty

General News | Sep-19-2021

Cause And Effects Of Poverty

Poverty is defined as not having enough materialistic possession that is termed as basic needs. India always had a great ratio of poverty. Most of India’s GDP is formed by a few rich people whereas very little comes from the larger section of the society.

Some causes of poverty are-

1. Rising population- Population in India increases at a tremendous rate which is higher than the rate of death. The commodities and necessities fall short when it comes to a large and still growing nation such as India.

2. Unemployment- Unemployment is the state where one is willing and able to work but cannot find it. Due to the uneven number of unemployed people and job opportunities poverty prevails.

3. Slow economic development- Due to the economic development being slow and not matching the pace of rising population or inflation, poverty has increased rapidly.

4. Regional poverty- Some regions like Bihar and Odisha tend to have higher poverty rate and this uneven distribution of poverty and opportunities have a greater impact overall.

5. Social factors- Due to the discrimination that is still persistent in India many backward classes are not able to come out of poverty.

What Are The Effects Of Poverty

1. Stress/ Depression- The lack of necessities and the lack of power to provide for your family can lead to extreme stress or depression.
2. Mortality rates- Lack of money can lead to improper medical precautions or medicines which in turn can turn many diseases fatal.
3. Crime rate- When necessities are not provided people turn to crimes like thievery, kidnapping, or murders. This can be brought to an end by bringing people above the poverty line.

By: Kanak
Gaurs International School

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