Cause Of Flash Flood

Do you know what a Disaster is? So, Disaster is a natural occurrence that can destroy a city. There are lots of natural disasters. Today, we are talking about one of the most dangerous disasters which is a flash flood. So, what is a flash flood?  Flash Flood is a type of a flood which comes from a river or sea. It’s slow. These floods occur when its climate change (You know already why if you see my article regularly).  So, you might be thinking that what the difference between flood and flash flood is. Flash flood occurs when the river fills too much. It takes 6 days or a week. A flood occurs because of climate change or excessive rain. It takes only 6 hours.  Flash Flood causes a great deal of damage as it can destroy roads, bridges and even the whole town. Flash Floods also cause water all around in the town and people will forcedly have to live in their roof. Some town might come up with this situation but not with some town. These towns might didn’t work on this disaster that’s why it become late and else work at the right time.  There are some ways to prevent it. First, ( If the town has a good technology) It should use a flood warning system that can alert people about the flash flood and one more way is to build things above the flood level. If that happens then they might be safe. I am saying that they might be safe because we don’t if the flood level rises and then touch the buildings.

Ansh Srivastava

Delhi public school, Gautam Buddha Nagar

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