Cope Up With Low Self Esteem?

We must have seen people who always look down on their selves or are hesitant to take up opportunities. Those sorts of people are termed as people with low self-esteem. It is a risk factor of depression but are the opposites. Low esteem peoples find it difficult to take responsibilities and if they are criticized they won't fight back but will take it seriously and will always discourage themselves. In short, these people are away too much keen. These people think that they are highly inaccurate, good for nothing, overlook their own ideas and opinions, and feel like a complete failure. They avoid challenges to avoid getting hurt, block life experience. Hence, they ruin their relations with their special ones that's why it gets hard to recover.

To survive from low esteem it's not that hard, the only difficulty is to change yourself completely, your behavior, way of thinking, and your personality. It's a bit too hard to change ourselves completely in a shorter period of time but sometimes people need to snap out of the imaginary life and live real life to survive this world and for their own good. 

To overcome this minor problem before it becomes a major one it's better to overcome and become the person you were meant to be. For self-improvement, it's recommended to start with simple changes and to go easy on yourselves. Therefore, start with a peaceful and cheering environment by cleaning up yourselves and staying at a comfortable, clean, and attractive space to improve your mood. Also, they can spend some time on themself and know their own worth or value. Low esteem people should go out and socialize with people who know their worth. They should build up confidence and try to be surrounded by positive people and the ones who acknowledge their positive connect, contributions, and genuinely support them.  

Coming to the conclusion it's better for low esteem not to run away from this problem and get aware of where you need to change themselves also put in an effort to fix that problem. Also, control their emotions and don't compare themselves from others as it results in negative self.

By: Sudeeksha

School: Ramjas R.K. Puram

Class: 10th

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