Cricket : A religion In India?

General News | Feb-13-2021

Cricket : A religion In India?

Be it America, or South Africa, we Indians always know about cricket. 90% of us have held a bat in our hands once in our lifetime. We all know a name related to cricket. Cricket is without a doubt religion in India and we treat players as gods of this religion.  Indians have a great tendency to play cricket. Young boys are very impressed with this game and almost everyone wants to be a good cricketer. Cricket may not be the game of India but it is still played in our country with full joy and enthusiasm. Cricket is played in many countries like India, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe, England, Ireland, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, etc. 

During the expansion of the British Empire, the game began to be played in foreign countries, and in the 19th century, the first international match was played by the ICC in two teams of 10–10 members each. It was at that time when cricket came to India. Thus, began its remarkable journey in our country. In a nation where even young children are crazy about this game, they play it in small open spaces, especially on the roads and parks. It is a very easy game if played and practiced daily. Cricket players need to practice daily to improve their game so that they can overcome small mistakes and play it with full flow. 

People have so much passion for cricket in India that people take leaves for matches, they reschedule their meetings and plans. They even watch matches for hours as it takes 12 hours for an ODI match to get over. They even watch its analysis for several hours. People have photos of cricketers at their homes, they have their tattoos on their bodies. Some spectators even have dedicated their whole lives to cricket.

Cricket is an enthusiastically played game in which new changes have been made as per the need and today one-day cricket matches have become more popular than Test matches. Cricket has many characteristics. At the time of the World Cup cricket tournament, the whole world becomes like one family and this is a major achievement of the game of cricket. Playing the game in the spirit of the game, enjoying the art of the game except for victory and defeat, the feeling of fraternity is the best quality of life found in this game. Not only cricket but any kind of sport enhances health and enthusiasm, as well as a healthy competitive spirit.

By: Akshit Sharma.