Cricket As A Religion In India

General News | May-04-2021

Cricket As A Religion In India

Cricket is a sport that enjoys supremacy in India. Even though today we have Hockey as our national sport still cricket has a huge fan following. Today there are various temples built for cricketers which have taken Indian cricket to greater heights.

Talking about IPL (INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE) where various teams are competing against each other and each team having a huge amount of fans. Today in India thus it's not only treated as a sport but also as a religion. People keep faith in their favorite teams just as they do with God. There are numerous ways people show their faith and love towards the teams. From building temples to painting their own houses with the team color even to painting themselves with that team's jersey! People have done so much. Though this faith at times reduces when the team is losing. They might feel demotivated when this happens. At times when India loses people also come to criticize the winning party both verbally and physically. They throw numerous things on the winning team to show their anger towards it.

Today number of cricketers are treated as God in various parts of India just like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Kapil Dev and so many more!! They've worshipped in India just as any other God. Today cricketers have much more fan base than any celebrity!! thus it's not just limited to the sport but it's a culture today. Cricket has gotten into the soul of people, into the heart of people.

By: Aanya Pandey

Delhi World Public School