Depression- A Myth For Indian Parents

General News | May-11-2021

Depression- A Myth For Indian Parents

India gained independence decades ago. Yet, mental and social independence is thin on the ground. When it comes to parenting, each parent covets for the best for their child but still, they somehow lag to relate to the mental illness.

Depression has always been used as a homely term! “He is DEPRESSED because he scored less”; “She is DEPRESSED because she was scolded intensely” and so on! For parents, depression carries a meaning, not more than being sad. This has been a hierarchy that isn’t challenged yet. Parents don’t even realize the difference between being mentally ill and depressed. Depression is the ultimate loss of interest from all the activities and a whole layer of negativity, where sadness is being unhappy about an event or two! The brisk lives brought a lot of changes where lack of time remains at the top. To yearn for a secure future, the immature childhood is snatched away! Children are always longing to spend those quality times with the parent but that couldn’t be reciprocated. Somewhere or the other, age plays an important role and so do the responsibilities, expectations, and pressures of that age. What remains brackish is the notion that has been developed over the generations! The pressure of earning a good livelihood demands hard work and thus takes away the unoccupied time. Away from the reasons and excuses, mental health has never been the priority in Indian society. A person can never be depressed for no reason! Depression carries the burden which once a person had as a criticism or stress. Indian society today is like criticizing every aspect and then speaking about creating a healthy environment.The Indian parents can never accept their child being in depression. Hence, consultation of psychologists and psychiatrists is not even considered once! Our society has been a little scared and mythic one! Consulting a doctor for mental health is considered as a person is MENTALLY DISABLED! This follows the social marginalization of the ill ones!

Marion Cotillard said, “When people don’t know exactly what depression is, they can be judgmental!”

So is the condition of Indian Parents today. The way to treat is even unexpected! “Send her to her grandmother’s, she’ll be alright then”. “Get him a toy, he will be happy then”. Healing is linear! But unfortunately, the generations aren’t fortunate enough to be healed! Our parents were treated the same way and so are we! Maybe it’s all about the layers of notions that are frozen over years, they now need to be mopped!

By: Mahika

Happy English School