Devoting Time for Passions

General News | Nov-26-2020

Devoting Time for Passions

To know our genius within us, we would like to understand ourselves better. You will love painting or dancing or writing or anything. Sometimes, you will not be ready to spend tons of your time doing these activities, because you would have got to earn money, or you would have got to try to do the regular 9 to five job to sustain your responsibilities. Eventually, even the thought of following your passion may lead you to believe that you are not lucky enough to try to do what you're keen on doing!!

Many people are ready to follow their passion and still make a living.

Travel bloggers are often those that like to travel and write. Personal trainers or yoga teachers are fit and inspire others the way to do the same. Editors get to read books and articles all of the time and that they immensely love doing it; crafters of all sorts create items and sell them online and at flea markets and festivals. You would like to interrupt down the barrier that tells you the sole thanks to making a living is to try to do something you do not like. It is not true!

There is nothing wrong with doing employment or studying while following your passion. You will balance both work and leisure time. It is more important to measure your life fully. With self-discipline, you will start managing time, and also you will find time for your passions, and eventually, maybe, you'll start making a living from them.

Raghav Saxena 

Birla School, Pilani