Disadvantages Of Being Aggressive Players In Sports?

Many people all over the world are interested in many sports activities like Volleyball, Cricket, Rugby, Hockey and many more. There are different kinds of players in every team, some are the "captain cool" like MS DHONI, some are always motivated, some are always demotivated, some are really calm and some are really aggressive.

Aggression in sports is not at all bad till the time it does not harm you, your performance, your teammates, and your teammates' performance. Every sports player is naturally aggressive but they should learn how to handle it properly.
There are many disadvantages to being an aggressive player in sports:
1) You will not able to concentrate on the game due to a lot of pressure and aggression.
2) You will hamper your own game due to excessive aggression as you will obviously have a negative mindset at that time.
3) You can lose even if you are in the lead.
5) Lack of coordination and understanding between you and the team players.
6) At a certain point during the game, you can even get blank and you will have no idea about what to do next
7) You can also get violent towards your teammates, Opponents, Coach, and towards the Referee as well! This will lead to hatred towards you and you will have a bad impression amongst everyone.
8) Being a  really aggressive player in sports can hamper your personal life as well!
9) Lack of concentration and control.
10) If you lose you will question your own abilities.
Aggression is a part of sports. But we should be wise enough to, know when is it harmful, it is ok till the time it improves you as a sportsperson and keeps you motivated.
Players who are really aggressive and are harming themselves and others should:
1) Practice yoga and meditation.
2) Listen to relaxing music.
3) Should Read books and novels.
4) Should spend quality of time with friends and family.
This will really help the aggressive players, the outcome will be reflected in their performances in a positive manner.



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