Documentaries: A New Era Of Viewing

General News | Feb-20-2021

Documentaries: A New Era Of Viewing

People always have and still enjoy watching movies. Since the birth of cinema, people have been influenced by it. It opens up a gateway to a whole other world that is very different from their lives. This helps people to take a break and picture themselves in another life doing other things. Cinema has always been preferred by the youth as well. Infants play a great role in influencing them. After watching a movie, they feel obligated to live like the actor or actress in the movie. It’s mostly harmless, but sometimes it can have a great negative impact on them. Thus, to change the course of action, youth should be much more involved in watching documentaries.

Documentaries aren’t like movies. They do have a plot or a theme, but they don’t make up fictitious stories. In documentaries, a topic of importance is chosen, like a social issue or an overlooked cause. And then, we see throughout the documentary a very informative, in-depth perspective revolving around that theme. The characters in a documentary aren’t actors, they are real people who talk about their real issues or stories.

Documentaries have been generated on a wide range of topics in just a few years. Not only does it show the on-ground reality, but it also has a great impact on the youth. People who watch documentaries regularly have a much wider knowledge span than people who don’t. Documentaries aren’t necessarily about negative issues. It depends on the director to choose a theme that is intriguing and will capture the attention of their audience and, most importantly, will teach them something. Typically, documentaries are 40 mins long. But they can be much shorter in time depending upon how much there’s to be known about
the topic.

Documentaries are a great way for the youth to be engaged in understanding and gaining knowledge. Now, there are so many documentaries available on the OTT platforms where people spend most of their time. They usually scroll past the documentary section, believing that it would be boring. But that’s the opposite of the case,
documentaries are much more intriguing and impactful than one believes. With amazing storylines and one-on-one interaction and in-depth knowledge of the truth, documentaries have a way of gripping the audiences whilst sharing knowledge.

By- Simran Raghav