Education After High School Should Be A Child’s Choice or A Parent’s Choice?

General News | Jul-24-2022

Education After High School Should Be A Child’s Choice or A Parent’s Choice?

Education is a matter on which every child must have the right and freedom to choose but at the same time as a Parent, parents have the responsibility to grow and groom the child and make them capable to face the difficult world and succeed in life. For this, the parents believed that the child must take a specific path under their guidance under which they believe the child won't fail.

In the age of studying a child is dependent on his parents and can't go to fight for their wishes but he can't even simply obey to parents also. As the child are minors they can't take charge but it would be unfair to them if they kill their interest and obey their parents. The students' conscience tells them to get a chance to pursue their dream, don't corporate with their parents, or don't follow their dictatorial decision.

The parents force and put pressure on the child to pursue a path for various reasons like parents may consider that the child is not mature enough to choose his future field, financial reasons are also there where parents don't want their money to go down in drain or the parents change the mind of the child by highlighting goods side of a field and sometimes even to follow the family business or family occupation as the profession. The intention of the parents is never wrong in this but if they go against the child's dream then this intention indirectly goes wrong and destroys the interest and passion of the child in his specialized field. It may be possible that the child succeeds in the career chosen by their parents but it is also possible that he may be unhappy and dissatisfied in that field. But even if he purse you his interest he may fail or be unsuccessful but possibly satisfied to blame themselves for their failure.