Effect Of Stress On Athletes

General News | Mar-21-2021

Effect Of Stress On Athletes

Too much of everything is dangerous, even in sports. Athletes can sometimes face a little too much stress through various factors that can cause them to lose focus from their game. Too much pressure of winning can be an additional stress factor apart from a heavy training schedule and diet. Athletes have the responsibility of carrying the whole team’s win on their backs in team sports, and even a slight mistake can result in them being blamed by the entire team. While, in individual sports, the players have the responsibility to carry the whole game because they don’t have any other person to rely on.

Stress among athletes is natural and thus can be cured with a few simple techniques. Believing in oneself is extremely important. When an athlete fears losing and disappointing people, they are bound to make an error in a game. But when the athlete steps into the field with confidence in himself/herself, they are most likely to shine through the game. Believing in oneself can change the whole course of action. It gives you the strength to keep facing challenges all the while believing that one can face all of them.

If an athlete keeps visualizing himself/herself losing the game, they
forget to focus on the winning techniques. They keep replaying in their minds the mistakes they might commit which would ruin the whole game. By doing this, they fail to focus on the possible positive outcomes and build up the fear of losing in their heads. Thus, during the game, they end up doing exactly what they had feared. Rather than focusing on what might happen if they lost, athletes should focus on all the techniques they can apply in the game that might be efficient.

Taking breaks from the busy schedule is also very important. Sports can be extremely exhausting, and at times the fatigue can cause stress and anxiety. But if an athlete keeps taking timely breaks, it helps him/her to cool down from the tiring process and relax. Not only does this improve their focus and stamina in the game, but it also keeps their mind free from clutter, and they become more confident while playing.

Thus, in conclusion, athletes may be extremely passionate about the sports they play, but even with passion, too much training and too much exertion on the field can build up stress in their minds. So, it is important for them to relax sometimes and helps them focus on the good part.

By- Simran Raghav

Content- https://kidshealth.org/en/teens/sports-pressure.html