English as an international language

General News | Nov-09-2020

English as an international language

If we do a critical analysis of how many citizens speak English, then the count is 350 million as per the calculated statistics from the surveys! English is the most spoken language in the world.

Language has its significance in the world. A language of a citizen holds an identified importance of their identity in front of the world. It is because of languages an individual is then, categorized from the observation of past decades, English has earned due importance in the world. No matter what citizen's native language is, each citizen needs to know English for better understanding of thoughts. Every second citizen of the global world is a speaker of English as their second language because English becomes the constant mediator of idea and translations.
English has gained sudden popularity also because of the business trades all around the world. Every business aims to expand its business across the globe, for this purpose English, has been a constant bridge for this action. There are many multinational companies which prefer to hire employees who are eligible for speaking English fluently with their clients and customers. By these guidelines, English becomes a language of global belief.
Each country has their mother tongue language but, as the global language "English", people often use English as the means of mediator in the dissemination of thoughts and ideas with people. Communication is the only means of transferring ideation from one person to another. It's the language that is conditional on a citizen for regular interactions. If we turn to the pages of the past, we will observe that the 'British Era' influences in developing the importance of English language.

Becoming the fastest stretching language English has crossed borders of disparities and has resolved much language issues all across the borders. With being useful on the rate of 1.75 billion multi-dollar industry, English is the only source which has gradually risen businesses of all types of industries!
Many countries citizens often feel neglected when their business authority to implement only English speaking environments. There the citizens often feel afraid as a thought, stating a loss in their culture will soon be up if they choose not to use their native language in their lifestyles. So, yes English is an international language which had accepted with high importance.

By Kanika Vij