Fashion Influences On Students’ Lives

As we live in the 21st century and we know this world is really particular about how they look outside defining their standards through fashion. No doubt, it has not left even students. Students these days are high in fashion sense and that reflects from their school uniforms too. These days children are popularly following their iconic fashionistas from Hollywood and Bollywood. 

Studies are important but students study to get a good package, and not to run a family or society but to attain high levels of fashion standards and can be popular in their community. Fashion, popularly known as glamour has entered almost the lives of all. Not even students, but their parents and grandparents can be seen talking about high fashion standards or how other is looking wearing that. Now schools and colleges have also started doing ramp walks. So, how a student can stay away from the influence of fashion when it has become a part of studies and fests in schools and colleges. Everyone wants to have the best outer appearance to gain popularity and that popularity is measured in terms of Facebook likes or Instagram followers. Fashion is eating the virtues that a student must have in them. The students don't talk about moral values or social issues prevalent in society but they will have instant approach towards the judgemental way of living. Isn't it bad?

Our children drifting away from the core of being a human but moving towards the core of being plastic all through the influence of Fashion, Bollywood, and Hollywood drama. The influence on a child's mind, morals, and personality are deeply affected. Even poor children are not away from the impact of fashion. Children, let's understand knowing fashion is food but making it your life to prove others is not what for which your birth happened on Earth.

By: Kiara Sharma

Class 10

Mahaveer Public School


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