Festivals v/s Lockdown Festivals

General News | Mar-29-2021

Festivals v/s Lockdown Festivals

India is a land of diversity. We have people from different religions and different languages staying united in our country. Here each religion and every state has many festivals to celebrate. We celebrate Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Pongal, and many festivals with joy and happiness.

People in India love celebration. We always need a reason to celebrate and share happiness. It doesn't matter if we can dance or not, we will dance our hearts out to celebrate. The perfect example for this sentence will be Ganesh Chaturthi. During the Ganesha festival, it doesn't matter what your religion or caste is, people will only dance and celebrates the occasion. We call our friends and even go to their places during festivals. Festivals are times when people believe in letting the bygones be bygones and make friends even with our enemies.

But the celebrations of 2020 were the dullest ones. We had no friends, neighbors, or family members to rejoice. The pandemic hit us so hard that even going out of our house became a problem. The celebration where we all used to stay together, dance, eat and make merry became a celebration of 4-5 people. We termed these celebrations as 'Lockdown Celebrations.' Indians are not used to this sort of festival. Our belief is "The More The Merrier."

The important lesson we all learned during this pandemic is "Enmity will only drag us down while staying United will help us fight all odds in life." The people we usually fight the most with are our neighbors but, during this pandemic, the neighbors were the people who helped us the most and stood by us in every difficulty we faced. The pandemic made us forget the wars we had in our lives. It made us realize that you can never predict what life has in store for us, so celebrate every little happiness with the people around us.

By: Ratisha Fal Desai

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