Fit India Movement

General News | Mar-14-2021

Fit India Movement

Recently, a report came out that out of the total population of India, 49 percent of the total population does no physical activities, and with it, only 10 percent of people choose physical activities for recreation. Due to this, their body is unwell and they have to face fatal diseases like obesity, diabetes.

This initiative is giving more importance to the youth because the economy of a country depends on its youth. However, the youth of today are preferring to do physical work and eat junk food instead of eating healthy and natural food, due to which a large number of people are inactive and sick. This has slowed down the development of our country.

The Fit India movement will encourage the youth of the country as well as people of all age groups to change their eating habits and do more physical work so that they can stay healthy and contribute to improving their country.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi dispatched the Fit India Movement at a function in New Delhi today on the event of National Sports Day. The Prime Minister encouraged individuals of the nation to make fitness their way of life.

Dispatching individuals' movement on the birth commemoration of Major Dhyanchand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid recognitions for Major Dhyanchand, India's sports symbol who enchanted the world with his game and procedures. He additionally saluted the youthful sportspersons of the country who are keeping the tricolor above the water on the world stage through their endeavors.

With time, fitness has been consigned to a lower need in our general public. Before an individual user walking or cycle for kilometers, today portable applications need to disclose to us the number of steps we strolled.

The Prime Minister said that individuals in any calling can make themselves effective in their calling on the off chance that they are intellectually and in great shape. Assuming the body is fit, you would be intellectually fit. Sports has an immediate connection to fitness however the 'Fit India Movement' means to go past fitness. Fitness isn't only a word however a fundamental column to a healthy and prosperous life. At the point when we set up our bodies for the fight to come, we make the country solid as iron. Fitness is important for our memorable heritage. Games and sports are played in each niche and corner of India. While dealing with the body they likewise train the brain, expanding center and coordination of body parts.

By: Akshit Sharma