Health And Fitness

General News | Jun-05-2021

Health And Fitness

The word health gives the idea of being well and implies the state of being free from illness. Health and Fitness both go hand in hand. It’s important to be fit and healthy for a good body. There are a lot of advantages to being healthy and fit. A healthy mind always lives in a fit and healthy body. A fit body and happy mind help to maintain the energy to achieve success in life. All of us must aim on achieving wholesome health.

Life is stressful nowadays, it’s hard to take care of oneself. With time, we have changed our lifestyle, and now we consume more junk food rather than eating healthy home food. Unhealthy eating can lead to different diseases and be harmful to our body system. We should eat fresh and healthy food which is rich in vitamins and proteins. It will help in boosting our immune system, body growth, and providing energy. Healthy food habits help in preventing various illnesses. Consuming a good amount of water is also important for good health.
Most people make mistakes by doing excessive exercise and also skip meals to lose weight. Eating just one meal, a cup of soup, or just medicines in a day will not help in maintaining a healthy body. It will slow down the metabolism and lead to gaining more weight, which will make us feel tired and stressed. One of the main reasons behind premature death is an unhealthy and unfit lifestyle. Lack of physical fitness and obesity set the stage for heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health problems.
A balanced diet is vital. For boosting up the energy to keep working it is essential to exercise regularly. We can use stairs instead of lifts or walk to nearby places instead of taking a vehicle. Sleeping for proper hours is also very important in forming a healthy lifestyle. Adults should get 7-8 hours of sleep whereas school-age children should sleep for at least 9.5 hours.
However, by staying fit one can utilize his/her also maximum strength capacity. Not a single day should be skipped for making efforts to maintain mental and physical fitness. Staying healthy helps in both ways, physically and emotionally. Therefore, fitness leads to good health. A fit person can easily overcome diseases and can lead to a stress-free and active lifestyle. Thus, we must concentrate on our health, have fresh and nutritious food, exercise regularly, and sleep well.

By- Manshi Bisht

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