Hockey As The National Sport Of India

General News | May-03-2021

Hockey As The National Sport Of India

Hockey is a national game of India. Hockey is a very popular game. In India Hockey is first introduced by Britain. There were several gifts that the European country had given us and hockey is one of them. Except for hockey, there are several more games that were given by them like Cricket is the sport that was also introduced by them. Hockey is a sport where two team plays against each other with having11 member in each team and the game is about making a goal with the ball in the opponent's track. But, it was Hockey that left India to leave Britain far behind and became the master of Hockey.

The matter of fact is that how Hockey became the national sport of India. India proved its dominance in Hockey at the Olympics of 1948 when India won a Gold medal in Hockey against Britain in their home just after a year of Independence. The game was invented by Britain and the first field was also established by them In Ireland. In India Hockey came through British Regiment when India was a colony under British Rule. At that time British used to play these games to entertain themselves, they taught that sport or game to Indians so that they can sit and see them playing and get entertained. After Cricket, Hockey was their Favorite pass time.

In India, the first Hockey Professional club was formed in Calcutta, after that the Club was formed in Punjab and Bombay and after that, the process was going on and many legends were born. Bengal Hockey was the first Indian association that was formed in India and after some time much more association came into existence. In Starting the only male were the ones who played Hockey but now Women are also playing hockey, they have their hockey team which is known as the Indian Women's national field Hockey team. The team of the Male hockey player is known as the Indian men's national Hockey team. They play on the national or international level, in a hockey team there is 11 member on each side.

In India, the history of Hockey was very bright but in recent times People of India are forgetting about their national games, but the modern generation is going back to the time when everyone loves to play hockey, the youth is very much interested in Hockey and they all love to play hockey, there are many teams in India like- Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, and rink Hockey.

By: Renu