How Can Focus Help In Getting Success

General News | Jun-27-2020

How Can Focus Help In Getting Success

We live in a world with a lot of distractions around us. Be it social or media or the negative vibes. To be successful in such circumstances is extremely challenging but not impossible. Be it Sundar Pichai or Mukesh Ambani all of them had passed through their hard times with their sheer determination and focus towards their goal. Having a goal is fairly important as having a dream. Till the time you are not sure of your aim how will you reach till there? This is just like a train having many stations en route. A train starts from a place, stops at a few junctions, and keeps running till the time it has not arrived at the ultimate stop.

Getting sidetracked at every moment for some or the other thing will not make a billionaire.

Getting focused allows you to get your things streamlined else you might just end up as a shaded person. Get yourself organized and give some peace to your mind. Take out some time to frame your goals. Promise yourself to stay on track and don't lie to yourself. With your hard work, your determination, and your focus towards you shall reach your ultimate goal. Sit down and chalk out things. Get rid of all your distractions. You might find social media as an entertainment thing for you, but it is an obstacle that won't allow you to move forward. Who wants to spend their whole just sitting on a couch having chips and seeing others fly high? Get up! and stop daydreaming. Don't be a politician who stands in elections and promises the people but does nothing on the ground. Keep yourself motivated and this is really important to be focussed on your work. Start your day by cooling your mind by meditation, listen to some TedTalks just to convince yourself that I am not the only one. Before starting any projects, architects always make a layout of the plan and then draft to finish all things in a particular period of time. This benefits them in getting things coordinated and ultimately helping them to remain focussed. When we focus on our priorities, we don't have time to see the drama around us.

Anywhere we go, we are bound to find distractions, toxic people, negative environment but we should be focussed enough to go smoothly over things. Be focussed to get things under control. Yor are the sailor of the ship so you are the one to make a map and reach the destinations, not the storms that you shall face on the sail. Keep a picture of your future in your mind. Write down your goal on a big piece of sheet and put it in your workplace. This will keep reminding you about your goal. Make a list of your distractions and throw them away without having a second thought. This is extremely important. Try to avoid negativity around you. Fill your environment with positivity. This will keep you motivated. Never be depressed about your failures. Always remember that you are meant to do something big. Don't just make a plan on paper, learn to execute it as well. Be honest with yourself. Get rid of the toxic people. Having hardships and adversities is fine but failing to overcome them is a problem. Force yourself to get up and work because you have to do it!

'You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks'- Winston Churchill. So, Focus on the outcome, not on the obstacles.