How New- Generation Travelers are Shaping Travelling Experiences

General News | Aug-26-2020

How New- Generation Travelers are Shaping Travelling Experiences

Traveling is competing at the top with other wishes at a person’s bucket list. Today, everybody wishes to save more and more money to go see places with friends, family or better, ‘solo’. Travelling provides a person not only adventure but a temporary escape, peace of mind, and comfort in the lap of nature. There are a lot of trends coming up in the travel industry and the most popular and talked about have been those with the younger generation.

With the boom in the Indian economy, the travel industry in India has seen significant growth in the last few years. The rise of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can also be held responsible for this boom of the travel industry in India. People are heading towards more isolated locations which were comparatively unknown until a few years back. Places like Ladakh, Parvati Valley, Andaman Islands have become popular destinations.

This has been a two-fold development. It has opened doors for more solo trips but has taken a toll on the environment gravely.

For a traveler, it is easy to book a planned trip through a travel agent and go to the desired destination and then come back, but the resources in these locations are limited. Specifically referring to a video on Scoopwhoop about the litter in Ladakh post the success of the movie 3 Idiots, the place has been under tremendous turmoil, environmentally.

Places like Kasol have waterfalls that are flooding with- plastic. The problem with new-gen travelers is their refusal to adapt such that they experience nature without it having tantamount effects on itself. The water running through Kasol has become a cesspit for cafes along the riverside. Why should the people call this land home pay for our passivity?

Even though nothing can replace a fun trip with friends, a family holiday, or a romantic trip, the young traveler's desire to experience new destinations on their own continues to rise. The itch to fly solo obviously doesn't always follow a soulful, Eat Pray Love-ish self-discovery journey. It is sometimes more realistic than just that. From all the alluring solo travel pictures flooding your Social media feed to a widespread ethos of individuality, you might pin it on anything, but solo travel — especially among women — has never been that common.

By- Alankrita Tiwari