How Sports Makes Us Healthy

General News | Jun-12-2021

How Sports Makes Us Healthy

Just as education is important in human life, the importance of sports for a human being cannot be underestimated. Because whether it is the present time or the ancient, sports have their own significance. It is very important for a man to have good health. There is a proverb “A healthy body has a healthy brain”. In other words, a healthy body is essential for a healthy brain. The sick body gives rise to a sick mentality.

Since Vedic times, our ancestors have considered a healthy body as the main happiness. Sports or exercise is essential for a healthy body i.e. sports or exercise is as much needed to keep the body healthy as food and water to live life. One who use to play sports and exercise are supposed to eat healthy foods which are high in proteins and vitamins such as eggs, oats, meat, paneer, white pea, etc. and should refrain from junk foods and foods which is high in sugar and salt such as burgers, pizza, sugar, etc. These tips keep a person healthy and fit.

As we know Student life is the foundation of human life. All the good and bad habits imbibed during this period have a lasting effect on human life. Along with the study, exercise helps in the overall development of human beings. Students who give equal importance to sports with their studies are often of a sharp intellect. They are completely healthy both from the body and the mind. Sports improve their mental health. They are more agile than other scholars and develop more human qualities such as patience, forgiveness.

There are many methods of exercise like yoga asanas, jogging, running, wrestling, swimming, etc. are prevalent in our country. Playing is also a form of exercise. Football, hockey, volleyball, kabaddi, kho-kho, cricket, etc. are the major sports of the country.
In ancient times also talent was discovered through sports competitions and in the present times, sports has become a means of earning wealth and fame for a person. Cricket is mainly emphasized in India.

However, Hockey is our national sport. We have been world champions for many years in this game but nowadays the popularity of sports like cricket, chess, and tennis is increasing in the country. Our team has also been a world champion in cricket. Our name in chess is among the top countries. We have gained a lot of fame in the tennis world in the last few years.
Depending on the nature of the games, we can divide them into two parts- inter-regional and extra-regional. Chess, table tennis, carom, etc. are interregional sports while hockey, football, cricket, etc. are called extra-regional sports. One can choose games according to his interest and convenience.

By:-Nihal Rathour