How Sports Will Help Obese Children

General News | Oct-14-2020

How Sports Will Help Obese Children

A word that means different things for different people.

Some might call it a fun-filled activate, while others might call it a pain in the neck or boring. Some might refer to it as a dream and others might call it their passion.

Sports are of 2 types-

-Physical Sports

-Mental Sports

Physical sports are ones such as football, rugby, cricket, basketball etc.

While Mental Sports include chess, scrabble, snooker etc. Most people play sports because they want to lose weight, gain height, make muscles etc, for such people the best sports are physical sports such as football, rugby, cricket, basketball etc.

People who play these sports do a lot of exercises such as jumping jacks, push-ups, Lunges, Squats etc. Thus they are the best sports for someone who wants to become thin and thus are very helpful to obese children. It will help them to become slim and trim and also help them avoid other health issues.

Sports will keep them healthy and also will keep their mind fresh and they will be happy all the time. Some of the sports I would say are my personal favourite is-

#1 Swimming

#2 Gymnastics

#3 Tennis

#4 Golf

#5 Baseball

#6 Basketball

#7 Aerobics

#8 Football

#9 Squash

#10 Volleyball

#11 Badminton

#12 Table Tennis

#13 Skating

#14 Karate etc

A child can choose any sport they enjoy. As in the end, it is all about fun!!

So hope you too find a sport that you love and makes you feel whole!! 

Stay safe and love sports!!

By: Ruchita


Amity International School, Mayur Vihar