How to Choose the Right Career Path

General News | Apr-29-2021

How to Choose the Right Career Path

Make an inventory of all of your skills and strengths. Take a while to think through the items you're good at. Consider things like physical skills, practical tasks, and artistic work. Perhaps you're an excellent artist, a whiz with numbers, a superb salesperson, or an all-star athlete. Alternatively, you would possibly have a radical knowledge of historical events, manage some time efficiently, have strong spatial reasoning skills, be an excellent orator, or have a natural knack for technology.

Explore your interests and passions. Now, consider what you enjoy doing, which can not be an equivalent thing that you simply are good at, and add them to the list. as an example, you would possibly enjoy spending time in nature, attending parties, studying other cultures, producing model planes, hosting fundraisers, or traveling around the world. Or, you would possibly wish to read, hear music, swim, conduct science experiments, play with animals, cook or bake, ride a motorbike, volunteer, make craft projects, clean, go fishing, or create sculptures.

Figure out what you’d wish to be known for once you retire. Look ahead to the longer term and believe what you’d like your life’s work to be. It’s okay if you don’t know right away; spend a while thinking it over. Perhaps you would like to create an empire, make a difference in children’s lives, create a replacement piece of technology, develop sustainable living practices, or bring joy to the elderly. Determining what you would like to be known for will assist you determine what career path to require.

By: Avinash Sinha

Birla School, Pilani