How to Write a journal?

General News | Dec-20-2020

How to Write a journal?

Sometimes when we are just sitting ideally, an idea pops up; you need to write that down. We think about a million things in a day, we go through several feelings, and we often forget important things. We have to write a journal or maintain a diary to remember the things we want to. 

To start writing anything, you don't need to have perfect grammar, spelling, or expression; you should be willing to write. It is a practice that helps you maintain a record in life. Once you decide you want to write a journal, be sure you can do it daily. 

Things to keep in mind when you start writing- 

Make a schedule- If you want to make writing a habit, you need to make a schedule. Fix dates and time of writing a journal. Try to keep it alternate days first and regularly. While writing a journal, you need to be honest with yourself and pour down whatever you want to write.

Find the right space- When you are writing, the surroundings play an important role. It is essential to have a silent surrounding when you are writing. Make sure you are comfortable and able to express yourself without any interruptions. 

Buy a physical journal or sign up for an online journal- There are many beautiful journals available in different designs and sizes in the market. You can now also find online journals to maintain daily. 

Time yourself- While writing, time yourself for how long you want to write. Somewhere around 10-30 minutes, it is ideal for you to jot down everything. 

Re-read and add points- When you finish writing for a day, go back and read again. Add your thoughts in the last and few sentences where you want. 

Keep it private- There is no need to tell everyone that you are writing. You don't have to show your thoughts to your parents or even your best friends. It is your personal diary to which nobody would have access.

Date and time of your entry- You should write down the date on which you are writing so that it is more organized. Try and write the title of your entry so that it is easy to navigate. 

Writing journals is quite simple. Keep the journal entries prompt and add pictures for more creativity. Ideas come and go, and feelings pass. How will you remember all of it? Through your daily entries. 


By Muskan Srivastava