Importance Of Friends In Our Life

General News | Sep-17-2021

Importance Of Friends In Our Life

As all of us know that friends are very important in a person's life. After our family members, our friends are our best companions. Without friends, we can't enjoy our good days, festivals and many other special occasions. According to Harward University, Having a solid friendship in our life helps in promoting brain health. Friends also help us to reduce stress, makes fun of things, and helps us in solving our real-life problems. They make us strong. Friendship is most important for our mental health. It is a lovely relation between two or more persons having the same thinking.

Family is all about Blood relation but there is a relation, which we choose ourselves and that relation is called friendship. They make our life beautiful and fills it with joy and happiness. Our life gets more beautiful and adventurous when many good friends surround us. Friends are very essential at every step of life. A good friend highlights our mistakes and guides us in many ways. They also motivate us to realize our potentials. We can easily share our views, thoughts, problems, and issues with our best friends and they easily solve our problems. Friends make us feel relaxed. Friendship is not only between two people. We become friends with animals also. Animals also become friends among themselves. They also keep and support each other. Friends are good for our physical health too. They give us emotional support. They help to build our confidence.

F - Fight for you
R - Respect you
I - Involve you
E - Encourage you
N - Need you
D - Deserves you

FRIEND - Few Relation In Earth Never Dies

By: Anirudha Sharma
Government Senior Secondary School, Bopara