Importance of Non-Verbal Communication

General News | Sep-30-2020

Importance of Non-Verbal Communication

Non-Verbal Communication! When I hear this word the first think that pops up in my mind is texting. I mean it is not the first definition of Non-Verbal Communication psychologist will tell you but it is quite true. I mean why should we always go by the rules and the obvious? Why not think different and make our own meanings? So back to Non-Verbal Communication!  Do you think it is important?? Frankly I would say no!

But, that has changed now! It turns out that Non-Verbal Communication is kind of important.

Maybe you are a shy person who is well… shy, and you really want to say hi to a new person in the class because you think you and they are quite similar and good be great friends but you are very…. Extremely shy! 

WHAT DO YOU??? Well that’s were Non-Verbal Communication comes into picture.

You could text them and maybe give a wave. Then they might wave back. You could say that maybe their school back is cool with actions and they could respond. So you can have an entire conversation without saying a word. Another way is during class, if your best friend is feeling dolorous you could make funny faces or maybe make fun of the person who made your best friend sad and all this without saying a word and not ending up in detention. And one of the major use of Non-Verbal Communication is seen by almost every child in an examination hall. If you have not guessed yet it is cheating!! There is always this one student who will keep asking his/her friend for answers but for that he/she will need excellent Non-Verbal Communication skills. So Non-Verbal Communication is basically art worth learning!  


Class : 9th 

Amity International School, Mayur Vihar