Importance of Physical Strength & Co-ordination in Sports

General News | Sep-01-2020

Importance of Physical Strength & Co-ordination in Sports

We all love playing sports. Sports keeps us fit and healthy. We all have played sports since childhood with family or friends.  But sports require physical strength and co-ordination. Let's talk about them in detail.

  • Importance of Physical Strength in Sports:

One of the most important requirements for playing sports is Physical strength. We need some physical strength and stamina while playing sports. Without it we will face many problems while playing such as, pain and small injuries, not able to hold the equipment correctly due to lack of strength; etc. We need to have a proper weight and a diet that doesn’t give us any side effects but still gives a lot of strength. Without strength, we won’t be able to play many a games which require a lot of strength such as - Kabaddi, Tennis, Badminton etc. So it's important that we have Physical strength to play sports in the best way.

  • Importance of  Co-ordination in sports:

Co-ordination is the body’s ability to move and perform actions smoothly. Co-ordination plays a very important role in sports. If even a single person gets dis-balanced or out of the co-ordination decided by the coach, team, captain or even himself, the whole game strategy would fail. Good co-ordination, requires the player to perform multiple movements in a single move that is fluent and helps him/her to achieve the desired goal. Practicing coordination during training can: burn calories, build muscle and tone the body. Increase your daily energy levels, by helping your cardiovascular system work more efficiently, it can also improve our flexibility. 

Co-ordination and Physical Strength are a must when it comes to sports. It helps while playing and also keeps our body fit.

Mr. Mark Reppitoe rightly said-

“Strength is an excellent example of a physical characteristic that drives improvement in other athletic parameters. More strength means more power, more endurance, better coordination, and better everything else. This is why, all other things being equal, the stronger athlete is the better athlete.”

Healthy mind will make us coordinate well too.Thus eat healthy and stay fit by doing regular exercises for developing the desired physical strength to be a successful sports person.  

Written and Submitted by

Ishana Rajnish,

Grade 7

Dps, Gbn