Importance of Tolerance in Life

In today's world, everyone tries to be in hustles and bustles of here and there. We have to be like earphones in the world of speakers. We can relate tolerance to a shirt's price tag as it shows how valuable we actually are. Tolerance plays an indispensable role in every stage of our lives. Whether it is a child age, teenage or adult age, tolerance has a larger significance for a fruitful life. Tolerance means the ability to respect other's feelings and their opinions on a specific issue, despite of having conflicting views of our own. A tolerant person listens to other's views patiently and tries to understand their perspective. Tolerance means to accept everyone's opinions without fighting. Being tolerant is very necessary for a peaceful and loving environment.

Those people who do not have the ability of tolerance often get angry on conflicting issues and destroys the tranquility of the place. The situation gets worsen and they get negative outcomes. On the other hand, a tolerant person puts himself/herself in other's shoes and tries to understand their perspective and respect other's feelings and opinions. They try to solve the situation, respecting the views of both sides, and get positive outcomes.

A tolerant person has a healthy and effective relationship with everyone. But an intolerant person lacks relationship values and often seems fighting over trivial issues. We all live in a large cultural diversity. We should tolerate and respect people of all religions, caste, and gender wholeheartedly. Even if we have different living habits, culture, and environment, we should love, understand, and respect all human beings. This kind of nature will give birth to a peaceful and tolerant society.

In the end, I would like to suggest that one should patiently listen and respect everyone's views and feelings and try to understand them. We should give space to everyone and tolerate their decisions. Remember, fighting is not the solution to any problem, it often worsens the relations. So, we should try to become tolerant.

By: Suhavi Dhawan

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