India Towards a Brighter Future

What do you think sustainability is? Sustainability, in the simplest words, is a constant state that can be maintained for as long as wanted. Now, what do you think sustainable development is? According to the definitions made by different commissions “The development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” is sustainable development. It means to reach a certain stage of development in the present and sustaining it for the future generation. Over the past decades, we have seen India developing in many aspects. Be it the economy, people of the society, infrastructure, or the environment. The growth graph of India has taken a tremendous rise in all these years. From flat lands to rich buildings, the infrastructure of the country shows how the country is working towards economic welfare. The infrastructure of any country is directly proportional to the economic development of that country. India as we see in the 21st century, would be an emerging power in the global perspective. It’s focusing more on creating smart buildings. Broadly if we discuss, the sustainable infrastructure our country is focusing on has a wide range of initiatives like energy, water, and land management, smart technology, and the use of sustainable durable building materials. There are also organizations like Philips, Mahindra, Tata, and many more working on a stable infrastructure of the country.

Infrastructure is the first step to economic development. As a developing country, the economy of the country totally depends on how much money is it making. The creation of sustainable infrastructure is totally the responsibility of the government but also the people of the country. Obviously, there are a lot of challenges to be faced while attaining this goal. Like getting proper land, manpower, and proper resources, and luckily, we are short of none. Green growth is as important as smart buildings. While focusing on creating attractive infrastructure, it should not be forgotten to maintain the green land as well.
It is indeed appreciated how quickly and drastically our country has urbanized and improved the resources of its people. If we work wisely, the environment and health won’t have to suffer in the process of creating a sustainable infrastructure. The kind of economic growth we are seeing is the right kind and sustainable. Our current goals are ambitious and also achievable only if planned it out in the correct way. It is said that by 2022, few cities in India will have one of the best infrastructures in the world.
The need of the hour is to create a correct balance between green infrastructure and smart buildings. India indeed is striving towards achieving this balance. Rapid urbanization and the increased population is a plus point for our country to attain the development which is sustained for a longer period of time. The development today is meeting the needs of the present people and also to some extent is not compromising the future generation. India is on its threshold of development. It is the responsibility of the government to build a stronger infrastructure but it is also important for the common people to cooperate with the government while they achieve this goal. As there is no shortage of finance and manpower in India as compared to other countries, we surely have advantages to attain sustainable development really soon. The growth makes us believe that India will soon become developed from developing.

By: Surbhi Singh


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