Indian Classical Dance V/S Western Dance

General News | Jun-04-2021

Indian Classical Dance V/S Western Dance

Difference Between Classical Dance And Western Dance

Being an Indian citizen myself I would say that how much importance Indian classical dance holds in the country and other places, western dance stands way below it. Indian classical dance represents India in a way that any viewer would get an idea of how rich India's culture is. Whether talking about Indian classical dance dresses or their music, everything holds a history that is deeply connected to the flavor of India, no country can ever replace Indian dancers dancing Indian classical dance more perfectly than themselves. 

Though by appreciating Indian classical dance, I am not putting the point that western dance is not good, this dance style has its uniqueness and importance. But western dance has more of an entertainment side to it as compared to Indian classical dance. Western dance form can be seen as a modern dance style whereas Indian classical dance being called classic by name is a very traditional and old dance style. Even if we see the dresses of both the dance styles, western dance dress is not as complicated as Indian classical dance dress because of the deep-rooted meaning attached to their dresses. Everything classical dancers wear holds a story that is related to the god whereas as mentioned earlier western dance style is more of an entertainment style. 

In the end, I would say that both styles hold their worth in their way, both come under art and have different backgrounds which are important to some and irrelevant to some. That is why we do not have the power to judge or compare them to each other.

By: Prachi Sachdev

Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani