India’s Energy Crisis and Ways to Resolve It

General News | Jun-08-2021

India’s Energy Crisis and Ways to Resolve It

Till now, we have received hundreds of gifts. Some of them are given by the almighty and some by our loved ones. The biggest gift God gave us was our life. Along with our life, the almighty gave us several unlimited gifts for survival, but do we value these gifts and use them efficiently? To be honest, I don’t think so. Natural resources like wind and sunlight are also gifts given by God. Survival without these gifts is impossible. These resources are renewable which means that they will not easily get finished.

For making lives easier we need energy and even the technology we use needs it. Most energy forms harm our environment but green energy doesn’t. One simple step by which India's energy crisis can be resolved is by using clean and green energy. 

Clean and green energy is a type of energy that does not pollute the earth’s environment and atmosphere when used. This type of green energy is generated from natural resources, which are the resources obtained from nature. Such natural resources include sunlight, wind, and water.

Some of us think that clean and green energy and renewable energy are the same. This is because; both of these energy forms have several similarities. The only minute difference between them is that clean and green energy is generated from natural resources but at the same time, renewable energy is generated from recyclable natural resources.

These days during the twenty-first century, some well aware people have started stepping towards clean and green energy. This is because they know about the negative effects caused by the usage of other energy forms. Mostly all other forms of energy are very harmful to our environment and sometimes even our health. Due to the high energy demand because of the tremendous increase in the population, the negative effects are drastically increasing.

When fossil fuels are burnt to produce energy, a lot of air pollution is caused. This air pollution has a major negative impact on our environment and also a negative impact on our overall health. The harmful gases and other contaminants which pollute the air when fossil fuels are burnt contain several chemicals, which when entering our lungs can cause several health problems. To name a few; lung cancer, asthma, and other respiratory issues. These harmful gases are also harming our environment. Due to the excessive usage of such forms of energy, global warming is increasing drastically. Due to this drastic increase in global warming, our environment’s ecosystem is getting disturbed. This disturbance in our environment’s ecosystem can become the cause for no life on the earth in the future.

At the same time, clean and green energy is not only good for our health and environment but is also very reliable as it is naturally renewable. Clean and green energy is generated from natural resources like wind and sunlight. Unlike energy obtained from fossil fuels which are unrenewable and are gradually depleting, one can start relying on green energy as the natural resources are unlimited and it can recharge itself.

Now that we know clean and green energy can save us from India's energy crisis, just imagine the amount of energy we waste while using a water heater during winters. Our need for a water heater, especially during winters cannot be replaced but the form of energy used to operate it can be replaced, that too in an eco-friendly manner. We can replace our regular water heaters with eco-friendly solar heaters. By doing this we can contribute to our environment and can also fulfill our needs.

Just as water heaters can be replaced with equally efficient solar water heaters that use clean and green energy, one can replace several energy-consuming devices like lamps and lights used in our homes, offices, and schools with equally efficient eco-friendly devices that use green energy. So, let’s step forward and together support clean and green energy for livelihood. Just as every drop counts in an ocean, each of our steps will count in making our environment better than it already is.

By: Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School, Greater Noida