India's Love For Cricket

General News | Apr-07-2021

India's Love For Cricket

Just as the importance of education in the life of a human being, similarly the importance of sports for a human being cannot be underestimated. Because of the present time or ancient, games have had their importance. In ancient times, talent was also discovered through sports competitions, and in present times, sports have become a medium for a person to earn wealth and fame. In India, the emphasis is mainly on cricket.

Even though Cricket is the National game of England, it is a passion in India where children playing cricket can be seen in the street. Indians love to play cricket and some of the world’s best players are from India like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Kapil Dev, etc.

Cricket was brought to India by the Britishers. It is said that in 1721, India played its first cricket match in Khambhat. After India’s victory in 1971 over England, it was a major turn for cricket in India.

The Indian cricket team has always been thriving as one of the best cricket teams in the world. Indians get to enjoy cricket and share the experience with their friends and family. It holds an emotional attachment to the people and it is not identified just as a game but as a pride of India. If the team win, their victory is celebrated like a festival in India, where everyone is happy and dancing. But if the team loses, it is perceived as a great loss if the country.

The intensity of love for Cricket in India can be inferred that cricket in India is a passion rather than a sport and the extent of this passion of cricket is when there is a cricket match between India and Pakistan which is a war between two countries and not just a game.

Indians put up big screens in public places so that everyone can enjoy the match together. Even in restaurants and bars, the match is played on screens for everyone to watch. It is safe to say that Cricket holds great importance for Indians.

By- Simran Raghav


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