Indoor or Outdoor Games: What Will You Prefer the Most?

General News | Oct-22-2020

Indoor or Outdoor Games: What Will You Prefer the Most?

In an individual’s life, the two components that help the individual to become successful are Education and Games & Sports. We many times consider education to be superior to games but that is not true. Both education and playing games help in building the personality of an individual. Education develops the mental power and games develop all other essential qualities.

 If we will observe all the games & sports carefully, we can divide them into two major subtypes which are: Indoor Games and Outdoor Games. Indoor Games means those games which can be played inside the house and require small space for playing. These mainly include all board games and video games. But on contrast, the Outdoor games are played outside in a large area and help to develop physical strength.

Although both Indoor and Outdoor games are essential for personality development if to choose any one out of these two, I would prefer to choose Outdoor Games. Outdoor Games are basically that group of games which require comparatively much larger space than the Indoor Games.

The Outdoor Games provide end no. of benefits to an individual’s body which, if practised regularly can leave a long-time impact on our life. Some of the merits of Outdoor Games due to which I prefer Outdoor games to Indoor Games are:-

  • Outdoor Games require physical exercises which can make us fit and healthy. By doing physical exercises one can also strengthen its bones and muscles and can also enhance its flexibility.
  • It makes the individual’s body more active than before, which in turn boost the stamina and make the working more efficient.
  • It builds immunity against illness and diseases and decreases the risk of getting infected by any disease.
  • In most of the outdoor games, a person needs to do more than one task to improve its performance in-game. This enhances one’s ability to do multitasking at the same time.
  • Another major benefit of outdoor games is that it develops and improves an individual skill of being social with others. In real-world social skill has more value than educational skill.

So, we should practice both indoor and outdoor sports to develop more skill inside us and achieve the aim of our life.   

Parth Aggarwal

S. D. Public School

Class 8