Influence of Television And Films On The Society

General News | Sep-19-2020

Influence of Television And Films On The Society

This article will explore and answer as to how interested people are in watching Indian television shows and films and which are the ways in which these television shows and films affect its viewers. Finding out the time spent by people watching these shows and films will help us know how this engagement affects or impacts people in different ways. With a mere touch of a button, we are served numerous channels which offer us a number of T.V shows and films too. We do not think twice before booking tickets for a movie either because it has our favorite actors or because the movie is trending. The influence of the T.V shows and films have been major. This impact/influence can be both positive and negative. We are positively affected by these shows and films when we learn about new cultures and people. Films also come up with beautiful messages to inspire the audience. So, they are both informative and didactic. However, the influence is negative when they encourage bad behavior and values, also when they divert from reality and portray life’s experiences which are very different in real life. Whichever the case, TV and films are a major influence on a person’s life. The level of exposure to these shows and films also reflects the impact, which is why knowing the time spent watching the same becomes relatively important. Media is an inseparable part of a man’s world.

Television shows and films have always been a strong medium of voicing out or showcasing a society’s culture as well as the nature and psychographics of its audience. This research aims to explore what drives people to watch particular films and shows and what do they derive from them.

This topic has been chosen because today television and films have been a very strong guiding and molding force of the audience’s opinions. According to the many pieces of research which have been conducted in recent times television as a popular and wide-reaching broadcast medium has become a part of the everyday routine and therefore it has a strong influence on most of the viewer’s lives and habits- count it positive or negative. Different age groups watch different kinds of films and T.V programs ranging from knowledge-based, daily soaps, entertainment to reality shows. The idea of the research also stems from the Hypodermic Needle theory or Magic Bullet Theory which states that the media fires bullets of information to a passive audience which seems to be shot by it, meaning that they are influenced and affected by whatever is given to them in various forms. The intended message is injected into the audience’s consciousness.